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About AGILLOX Automotive

AGILLOX's mission is to provide and expand RFID technology for the automotive and supplier industry in a simple, competent and cost-effective manner on the market.

For some time now, the automotive and supplier industry has had transparent and, above all, real - time information about their processes and goods. These must continue to be faster, more efficient, flawless and cheaper than before. More and more companies have recognized the advantages of RFID technology for a long time and use it in the shortest possible time to their advantage and to enormous savings.

From a single source

There are now many companies that offer different RFID technologies, but are only specialize in these products. Ultimately, however, a total solution is missing that the automotive industry can rely on. Not only RFID components must be connected to the software, but also flanking machines or devices. These compounds are included in the overall solution and linked as needed. It takes a prior needs analysis to be able to offer the right technology and the right product at the right price.

Complete product range

Manufacturer-independent, AGILLOX offers RFID transponder (specially developed for the automotive industry), robust RFID handhelds, Smart RFID PDA, RFID data collector, RFID desktop reader, RFID USB dongle reader, RFID reader, RFID antennas, RFID modules, RFID Printer, RFID Tablet PC and Accessories. In addition, AGILLOX offers complete software solutions. Of course, we can create individual solutions for your specific requirements from a single source.

Competent partner

AGILLOX sees itself as a partner and consultant to the automotive and supply industriy who want to avoid a lengthy search and time-consuming analysis of RFID technology and products. AGILLOX has carried out this analysis of the products in advance with competent partners from all over the world and thus offers a selected and optimal product range. In addition, special solutions can be developed.